Varieties and Coloring


  • colorpoint: the extremities of muzzle, paws, ears and tail have a more intense color, while the rest of the body is clear.
  • mitted (gloved): as the colorpoint has darker extremities; chin, belly, front gloves and booties of the hind paws must be white.
  • bicolor: has a white upside down V on the muzzle mask; the paws, the belly and ruff should be white; ears and tail should be dark. The body has to be clear slightly more intense on the back.


  • Seal: dark brown extremities
  • Blue: extremities of the gray – blue color
  • Red: extremities of the red- orange color
  • Cream: Cream-colored extremities
  • Chocolate: light brown extremities
  • Lilac o Frost: light gray extremities
  • Linx o Tabby: The color is uneven, there are streaks

The Chocolate and Lilac are not very common colors in Italy; while the Red, the Cream and Tabby have been recently included in the standard.