Ragdoll Standard

The kittens are divided into 4 categories

  • Company: kittens who have defects in coloring or standards and are therefore to be excluded from breeding or beauty competitions.
  • show/alter: perfect kittens, fully respecting the standard, neutral. Suitable for exhibitions..
  • breeder: kittens perfect for reproduction, but with marking defects.
  • show/breeder: kittens suitable both for reproduction and for the exhibitions and competitions.

Ragdoll is a big and imposing cat. The weight of an adult male is about 8.9 kilos, while females about 4.5 kilos. It ‘a large sized cat, high on the paws, long bodied with a powerful and well developed musculature. It does not show any particular health problems and is not the carrier of any hereditary defects. They are slow in growing than other breeds and reach the definitive size towards the four years of age.

  • BODY: Long and heavy boned and developed musculature, broad chest and pelvis as large as the shoulders.
  • HEAD: A little bit wedge, characterized by a large equilateral triangle that is modifying to the sides of the muzzle, which are gently rounded off. Flat, medium length skull, well developed chin, slightly recessed with a slight stop nose, flat spot between the ears.
  • EARS: Medium sized, wide at the base with rounded tips that continue the line of the wedge, slightly inclining forward and moderately hairy.
  • EYES: Large and oval, slightly oblique to the outer corner at the base of the ear, the color is blue as intense as possible.
  • PROFILE: Slightly recessed, well-developed chin in compliance with nose and upper lip.
  • NECK: Short, muscular and strong.
  • PAWS: Fairly long and muscular, taller hind paws, that gives the impression that the backline slides toward the head, round feet, with tufts of hair between the pads.
  • COAT: From half-long to long, quite thick with soft and silky texture, flowing harmoniously with the body opening in tufts, very voluminous collar, shorter on the front paws, long and fluffy on hind paws.
  • TAIL: Long and proportionate to the body, very hairy, thicker at the base.