Body Language and Behavior

During the first three months in the cattery a basic education is necessary, a good indifference to sudden noises, the willingness to be caressed gently, to be brushed.

RELAXATION AREA: The kitten searches for sun or other heat sources for resting; you should place special cat-beds; take into consideration that this place should not, however, be too far from your room, because being next to you is very important for your kitten as well as it is important to respect the rest of the kitten, and not to wake him up; in order to not cause him physical injuries and growth problems it is important to let him sleep because the hormones that are essential for his growth are secreted during sleep.

TOILET AREA: The litter box must be placed in an easily accessible place, a corner away from the passage of people, where the kitten will be able to use it without being disturbed, this will prevent any kind of discomfort; it is very important never to move the litter-box once positioned and showed to the kitten.

PLAY AREA: It is advisable to buy a gym (cat scratching tree) to allow the kitten to climb and play freely and without restrictions, this will prevent damage to sofas, curtains, etc. etc. the kitten appreciates very much staying at the top, he will feel more secure having the whole situation under control.