Ragdoll Character

The name “Ragdoll” is coming from English words RAG DOLL fully describes this cat who abandons himself completely in the arms of the owner, becoming “lifeless” just like a rag doll.

It’s a very sweet cat, gentle and so much affectionate as to become almost “sticky.” It has a disarming innocence and inexplicable love for the only one owner. It loves to be at the center of attention, is fond of cuddles and loves to be held in the arms so much that relaxes completely and stays still like a furry toy.

It is very intelligent, playful and is constantly looking for affection and caresses. For its inborn qualities of extreme sociability it is perfect for pet therapy programs.
Its voice is gentle and melodious. The ragdoll is a strong and not at all delicate breed.

The famous zoo anthropologist Desmond Morris, describes its extraordinarily docile and quiet temperament. No wonder in the selection of the race indeed the qualities of character were favored above the beauty.

The ragdoll is perfect for life in an apartment: thanks to its mild and tolerant character, it lives in harmony together with children and other family pets.
Ragdolls are united by the importance that for them plays the physical contact with the human being, they are easily educable.