Ragdoll Colorpoint

Seal colorpoint: the rich brown colour well determined on the extremities contrasts with the ivory colored back. The eyes shine with turquoise colour create a sly and seductive look.
Genetically: aa cscs B- D- ll ss.

Blu colorpoint: the extremities are color of steel and with the sunrays shine with silver highlights. The mask color enhances the color of the eyes.
Genetically: aa cscs B- dd ll ss.

Chocolate colorpoint: the muzzle is a color of milk-chocolate while the back fades into delicious shades of biscuit. Currently very rare in Italy, it is one of the original varieties of ragdoll.
Genetically: aa cscs bb D- ll ss.

Lilac colorpoint: the delicate dove gray shades with pink reflections of the extremities make this coloration elegant and sophisticated. The white fur of the back shines with magnolia reflections with every movement of this magnificent feline.
Genetically: aa cscs bb dd ll ss.

Red colorpoint: The Flames of Passion colors the extremities of this magnificent ragdoll; the lobster-color streaks in this coloration emphasize the playful and spirited aspect. The tail has wonderful circle coloration.
Genetically: aa cscs B- D- O ll ss.

Cream colorpoint: the mantle is decorated with champagne-colored brushstrokes. Blue eyes underline superbly this delicate coloration.
Genetically: aa cscs B- dd O ll ss.

Ragdoll (seal/blue/chocolate/lilac/red/cream) lynx colorpoint: lynched variation of color. The compact color of the shades gives way to the brushstrokes framing the eyes and streaking the legs. These cats have
Genetically: A- cscs B- D- ll ss.

Ragdoll (seal/blue/chocolate/lilac/red/cream) tortie colorpoint: this coloration is expected only for females. Present in the colored areas of the body a tortoiseshell effect. What makes them special is the absolutely random distribution of red and seal (but also blue/cream chocolate/red lilac/cream); every cat is therefore a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece.

Genetically: aa cscs B- DD Oo ll ss.